A Quick Note for the New Gym Goers in January

Dear January Gym Goer,

Maybe you just joined the gym or perhaps you just came back after a long break. No matter your situation the important thing is that you are here now and you are ready to start the new year off right by getting in the gym and getting that body moving. So whatever your goals or your motivations I would like to say on behalf of my fellow gym goers, ‘Welcome and Congratulations for making it this far’.

Even though some regular gym goers might grumble and moan about how busy the gym gets at this time of year, I for one, want to welcome you and I sincerely hope you’ll stay awhile. So come on in, get familiar with your new surroundings - you’re one of us now. You’re part of the gym family.

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The After Diet Diet

While rapid weight loss programs and other popular diets can be a great way to kick-start us on the path to a healthier lifestyle, I prefer to take a longer range view of the overall health and fitness of my clients.

I love to help end the cycle of weight loss and gain that is so prevalent by helping people create and sustain positive change in a way that doesn't restrict them from eating food they love or leave them feeling deprived.

So, if you're planning on dieting, I wish you the very best. I really hope it works for you, but more than anything I hope you will give some thought (before you begin) to what your diet will look like after the 'diet' period is over.

Let’s say you achieve your goal. Wouldn’t it be a shame to waste all the effort you put into if you just went back to doing the same things you had done that got you to the point of wanting to go on a diet?

Would be great if you could continue making progress so the diet really was a launchpad to build a healthier, stronger body for years to come rather than a temporary fix.

Go ahead, give that diet a shot but know why you’re doing it - use it as a way to kick start some new habits. Use it to learn some new recipes of ways to prepare food but look for ways to maintain and sustain the progress you make.

BOOK: Mistakes Were Made (but not by me)

If you’ve ever wondered why it can be so difficult to admit to making a mistake, wondered why we cling to old ideas that no longer serve us well, or why some are prone to make up elaborate stories to justify their actions (politicians seem particularly skilled at this).  

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A golfer steps up to hit a shot. It’s a six iron to a wide green and the pin is located in the back right corner. The gleaming white ball sits in contrast to the manicured green fairway. Overnight rain has made the conditions perfect for good scores. To the right of the green is a deep bunker. Long grass awaits just a few yards beyond the green directly behind where the hole is cut. As our golfer sets up to the ball and settles into her stance, she feels calm. She has a clear image of the shot she wants to hit and her body is flooded with a sense of ease and quiet confidence.

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That organic, gourmet lettuce mix with the cute label you pay way too much for in the grocery store might help you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself, the humble farmer that grew it or even the planet but it’s probably over two weeks old and arrived at the multi-billion dollar grocery chains distribution center on a truck that is owned by one of the biggest agricultural companies in the country.

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Has anyone else noticed that the current trend toward minimalism is identical to consumerism in that they both mistakenly point to external factors to explain how a person feels?

One encourages us to buy more stuff in order to feel better. The other encourages us to get rid of all that stuff because we’ll feel better if we didn’t have it anymore.


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Perhaps the most productive way to bridge so-called generational 'gaps' is to realize that the only gaps that exist are the ones we make up.

Every generation, it seems, is criticized by the one that came before it and every generation has unique issues and influences to deal with. It's always the same conversation, it's just the target of blame shifts.
While its easy to look at external factors like technology, the media or other people as the source of our problems, it's not helpful. It's not helpful because external factors do not cause us to behave one way or another.

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According the the American Institute of Stress“studies show that job stress is far and away the major source of stress for American adults and that it has escalated progressively over the past few decades.”

Furthermore, the American Psychological Association estimates that the effects of stress in the workplace cost U.S. businesses roughly $300 billion a year and according to Forbes, stress related illness is costing businesses an additional $190 billion in healthcare costs annually and contributes to a staggering 120,000 deaths each year.

There’s a widespread assumption that stress is an inevitable part of modern life. That it’s here to stay and all we can really do is find the best methods we can to deal with.

I disagree. And the answer, it turns out, is very simple. There’s an innocent but prevalent misunderstanding about where stress comes from that has had us looking in the wrong place for answers.

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Imagine for a moment that you have a faucet in your home from which your favorite beverage always, without fail, flows. This is no ordinary beverage either. Besides tasting great it also contains just the right balance of nutrients that you need. No matter the time of day or night, what the weather is like, how the economy is doing or how you might feel this elixir is always available to quench your thirst, bringing welcome relief and replenishment.


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An idea came to me recently, but this one was different than most. It wasn't just any idea. This one was unusual. It was an insight or a vision for something I would like to create, a business project I’d like to start. I didn't go looking for it, the insight came to me early on a quiet Tuesday morning. It showed up so strongly, so clearly and so powerfully I couldn’t ignore it. It felt real. Deep down I could sense that this was the direction I needed to move. It was as if I could see and feel years worth of work all wrapped up neatly within what must have been only a second or two.

So what’s the problem? Well, the idea for this particular project also happens to be something that I’m pretty sure I have close to zero chance of actually making happen. I am not even remotely qualified to be taking it on, at least in the traditional sense. Oh, and it also scares the shit out of me.

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